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iPhone 6 замена дисплея за 5 минут

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  iPhone 6 замена дисплея за 5 минут

Just finished replacing my mum's screen! Took me 2 hours and 15 minutes. I actually found it best to use a mix of written online step-by-step instructions and this video for any steps I was confused about. Just a few little tips for anyone looking to do this: • You can get a good screen replacement kit for about $20-30 on Amazon. It should include 2 screwdrivers, a suction tool, and all other small tools you may need to pry apart small components. • You should also definitely invest about another $10 into a magnetic screw organiser mat. This is extremely crucial as the phone has very tiny parts that must be kept placed correctly. I used the iScrew organiser ($7.99 on Amazon). • Take your time & work on a well-lit, hard/flat-surfaced area to make sure no parts roll away. Good luck!

Сегодня 23 Oct. 2019

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