Переделка Иксбокс в ноутбук. Очень даже ничего получилось.!

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  Переделка Иксбокс в ноутбук. Очень даже ничего получилось.!

Heck Presents Self Made “Xbox One S Laptop”

The new laptop includes 3D printed parts, an aluminum base cut with a CNC machine and more, as shown in the video that guides viewers through the process.


Kostas Papanikolaou


January 16, 2017 4:17 pm CET


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Ben Heck Xbox One S laptop youtube screenshot

After tearing apart an Xbox One Slim back in August 2016 Ben Heck decided to transform the console into something new instead of putting back. In a video posted to his YouTube channel (see below), Heck describes the process step by step and creates the “Xbox One S Laptop”.

A post in the element14 community explains the procedure thoroughly and provides all the new parts you’ll need to transform your Xbox One S into a portable laptop.

What’s inside the “Xbox One S Laptop”

For those who are handy and well equipped, this should be fairly easy. Given the fact an Xbox One Slim now hits only around $200 Ben Heck’s new project seems great.

In order to create your own “Xbox One S Laptop” you are going to need some new equipment. Heck replaces Xbox One’s power supply (10 amps at 12 volts) with a 13.9 power supply so that the laptop can run its 16’’ LCD screen. He also replaces the large fans of the console with two smaller ones and powers them by a rigged circuit using a Tip 102.

As for the aluminum base and the 3D printed parts, the post in the element14 community says: “Ben cuts the aluminum base for the Xbox One S laptop with a CNC machine. He can then attach the 3D printed wall sections to the aluminum. Next he attaches the power supply and the blue ray drive to the aluminum base. He then makes adjustments to allow the motherboard to fit.

Before he closes the inside off with 3D printed parts, Heck goes over what’s inside. A new power supply with 13.9 amps, a blue ray player, a wifi module, hard drive, wireless controller module, and a control panel. There is also a driver board for the LCD and heat sink for the APU. Here you can watch Ben Heck tear down the Xbox One S.

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